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Losing your tools and other equipment, or the materials you recently bought to complete a job, could be a bigger disaster than having an accident while driving your vehicle. You spent a lot of time and money buying the right equipment to work at a high professional level, and replacing what is lost could really destroy your budget.

Protect yourself against that financial loss, and give yourself the means to recover quickly and get back to work. A highly affordable Inland Marine insurance policy will do that.

Inland Marine Policies start at as little as $100 a year, so getting properly insured is well within the reach of most independent tradesmen!

Plus, as a member of BTA or OLAA, you may receive premium discounts of 17% or more.

Peace of mind was never so affordable! Call us today at 510-962-6959 to find out more. Or submit a Quick Quote Form and we will get right back to you.

What is Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine covers items carried by you on your person or in your truck as you travel and work outside your office ('off site' in official insurance language). Having additional coverage to keep your equipment insured off-site is critical.

  • The tools you carry in your vehicle or leave at a job site
  • Computer Equipment and the data it contains
  • Job materials and other inventory you take 'off site' (away from your own office or warehouse)

In short, Inland Marine covers any item not bolted or fixed to the vehicle.

Inexpensive Peace of Mind

Your tools, diagnostic equipment and other machines and materials allow you to succeed at your trade. Inland Marine coverage protects you against damages or loss sustained by items carried on you or in your vehicle in the event of accidents, theft, or vandalism. Insuring this property gives you the ability to quickly replace what you lost and get back to work.

Historical Note: This insurance is called 'Inland Marine' because it was first created to insure cargo that was transferred from ocean-going merchant ships (covered with Ocean Marine Insurance) to the barges that took the cargo 'inland', traveling up rivers from the coastal ports. Eventually trucks replaced barges, but the name has stuck with us, and insuring items carried by commercial vehicles is still a smart move!